New Perspective on the Mundane

Today, I’m getting a new perspective. Maybe you need a fresh look at things too? The everyday making breakfast, lunch and dinner, folding laundry, putting it aw
ay, picking up Peppa Pig, watching another round of Paw Patrol, shaping stubborn wills, changing another diaper, listening to hear their heart, which doesn’t happen in the 2 minutes that I deem appropriate… the in’s and out’s of living and loving, that don’t scream you are doing something IMPORTANT. Instead they yell things like THIS WILL NEVER END, or that child just threw another fit-looks like your parenting is as good as your “diet” plans. And we look at each other and wish we could go back to work and do something important, or that we could stay home and do what’s important, or go on that missions trip to affect something important, or get more “likes” on our posts so we feel important. 

“But mark this: the nature of your calling does not indicate the level of God’s approval of you. And the fact that others have gifts and opportunities you don’t have doesn’t diminish the intensity of God’s intentionality about the things He created you to do.” Steve Furtick “Crash the Chatterbox”

So today, this perspective tells me that the every day mundane is as intense as it feels, that what God has put in front of me is intentional and a gift. That it is my opportunity, and my chance to choose important. Today I will mother, I will wife, I will be a best friend, I will be a daughter, I will be a listening ear to those teens who graduated and are now college kids, and I will not see it in comparison to what you all are doing today. I will not see it as an opportunity for approval, but rather an opportunity to be who God created me to be, and accomplish the plans that He has for me today, ALONGSIDE the plans He has for you.  Rebekah Stauffer (Pastor Shawn’s little sister)