COVID-19 – Guidelines for Church Attendance
We recognize the unfortunate and extreme polarization of our society over how to navigate the COVID pandemic. We respect the right of individuals to hold their own opinion on the matter however, we strongly condemn the pushing of personal agendas onto other people. We ask that individuals refrain from this behavior at DFC. There are plenty of other forums for these debates. We need to strive for unity that is found in Christ, and reject hostility and disdain for those who may disagree with us. 
-Pastor Shawn Harnish

DFC – COVID-19 Protocols & Policy

Dansville Foursquare Church’s service time is 10:00 AM, with a livestream available on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Along with Livingston County, we will NOT act in an enforcement capacity.

General Guidelines at Dansville Foursquare Church:

  • Masks, social distancing, vaccination, and proper hygiene continues to be the recommendation of the CDC and Livingston County. We will display this information throughout our facility. (If desired or needed, masks are available at our welcome desk).
  • We recognize that, unfortunately recommendations, mandates, and their subsequent enforcement are not uniform in our government or society.
  • We support HIPPA practices and patient/doctor autonomy in making medical decisions that are best for the individual.
  • We ask those with flu-like symptoms to stay home and consider engaging with our Sunday worship service online.
  • If anyone is uncomfortable and does not feel sufficiently safe, we encourage you to engage with our online broadcast.

Steps we are taking as Dansville Foursquare Church:

  • Hand sanitizer: We have stations throughout the Lobby and other various location throughout the building.
  • Offering:  Offering boxes are available at the fireplace in the lobby and on both sides of the stage. (We no longer pass the plate)
  • Main Auditorium:
    • All chairs on the main level are available for seating. You may relocate chairs to ensure your ability to social distance.
    • Our facility is professionally disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Food/beverages: Individual paper cups of coffee are available.
  • Communion: We now use self-contained packages to administer communion.
  • Dept. of Health: We participate in contact tracing with the DOH, and self-reporting any incidents that we are aware of.