Rental Procedure for Dansville Foursquare Church

        The Church is pleased to reserve rooms and services for special events. Community members, including individuals, families, and groups, are invited to please check our calendar page for availability, first.

       Fees are calculated for each rental based on the area being reserved, the number of hours requested, and the type of setup for tables, chairs, and equipment that is needed. Audiovisual support may be possible for an additional fee. These options are covered on the rental form. 

       First-time renters will come to DFC prior to the event for a brief tour of the facility to learn about the location of lights, rooms, and other details related to their request. Renters are asked to assure responsible use of the rooms and equipment by all in their group, leave the rental area in the same well-kept condition it was offered to them, to remove the trash to the dumpster, turn off all lights, close any exterior doors that are used, and lock the entrance as demonstrated during their tour. 

       If assistance is needed to complete the form or if there are questions regarding the rental, please contact DFC’s Office at 585-335-7707 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Tuesday through Friday.

To see a map of the building- Click here DFC map
We have 4 different Banquet set up maps (click to view)
DFC Banquet 1(seats 56)
DFC Banquet 2 (seats 96)
DFC Banquet 3 (seats 144)
DFC Banquet 4 (seats 200)

Rental Terms & Conditions

  • Please use only the approved rooms on the approved date and times (any changes need to be pre-approved)
  • Please do not assume a vacant room is available for use
  • Please clean and arrange all the rooms to the way they were before use. (take out trash, dishes, vacuum, mop if needed etc.)
  • Please DO NOT drag chairs, tables, heavy furniture, etc. when moving (because it will ruin the carpet)
  • Please understand you are responsible for the facility and contents
  • Please remember to supervise all members of the group
  Normal wear and tear and accidents may result in breakage. Please report any incidents immediately following the event by notifying the staff at 585-335-7707. A message should be left for after hours events. Unreported damages may result in being billed for repairs or replacement and/or refusal of future rental requests. For emergencies, please call
Community Outreach after hours at 585-447-2266.