Rental Form
– Church Rentals include use of Auditorium, Lobby, Kitchen, Bathrooms and large kids room.
A/V Included (PPT, Music, and Microphone)
Please check our 
 page for availability.
We have 4 different Banquet set up maps:
DFC Banquet 1(seats 56)
DFC Banquet 2 (seats 96)
DFC Banquet 3 (seats 144)
DFC Banquet 4 (seats 200)
To see a map of the building- Click here DFC map


Rental Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following regulations for myself and those in attendance:
• To use only the approved rooms on the approved date and times. If I need to make
changes, I will coordinate with the church office as soon as possible.
• To clean and arrange the rooms to the way they were before use. This includes:
¨ Washing tables used
¨ Putting tables back where I got them
¨ I will NOT drag chairs, tables, heavy furniture, etc. when moving because it will
ruin the carpet
¨ Washing any hard surfaces used (counters)
¨ Vacuuming/sweeping (mopping if needed) areas used
¨ To clean spills immediately
¨ Taking out the garbage to the dumpster in the areas that were used
¨ I will NOT drag wet trash on the carpet
¨ Cleaning any dishes that were dirtied
¨ Cleaning the bathrooms (i.e. sweeping/mopping if needed, emptying trash)
• If I do not clean to these specifications, I understand that my deposit will not be returned.
• Damage to building or furnishings will be reported to the church office (deposit will be
retained and appropriate charges will be assessed).
• I will supervise all members of the group. This includes making sure people are NOT:
¨ Running in the halls
¨ Throwing balls
¨ Rough housing
• If I am using the Superfriends room and wish to have the toys removed from that room,
then I will be responsible for removing and putting back the toys that are in the room.
• I will make sure all the lights are off, the doors locked and leave the key on the welcome
desk before I leave.
• Any other instructions given at the time of approval.