G2 classes
2021 Class Schedule
all classes are Sunday Mornings
8 – 9:30am
3 opportunities to take the course.
Jan. – April  10k – 40K
Jun – Aug. 10k – 40K
Sept. – Oct. 10k – 40K
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    10K The Great Story
    Come learn all about the Greatest story ever told.  Gain an in-depth understanding of who God is and what He did for us through His Son.  Understand the story from Genesis to Revelation.
    20K The Great Commandment-
    The whole idea of G2 is Loving God, Loving People and making disciples as we go.  What does it mean to be a disciple?  Come and find out,  how we should love God, how should we love people.
    30K The Great Question?
    Who are you? Who did God create you to be?  Come to this class to discover how God will use your experiences, gifts, and abilities to serve him. This class includes a spiritual gifts assessment as well.  Find your purpose in who God made you to be.
    40K The Great Summit
    We are wired to progress, to shoot for a goal.  You have made it to the summit, now what?  Come find out and discover your life mission.  See clearly what God’s will for your life is.  This class concludes with a study on becoming a spiritual sherpa… don’t worry it will make sense!