“Anxious for Nothing”
-by Max Lucado  
Pre-register by 9/28 – email cf4dfc@gmail.com
Wednesdays @ DFC – 6:30-8:30PM 
The Hearing Heart Ministry
Every wonder if anyone even cares? We have all thought that before if we are honest. If you need someone to listen, support and pray for you, call Hearing Heart and join the group. The Hearing Heart Support Group is a caring effort of Dansville Foursquare Church for people who are experiencing a variety of life challenges. trained caregivers meet with who people seek help for problems which may include: grief, job loss, relationship issues, and coping with hectic schedules. Caregivers do not solve problems but assist people in identifying their own strengths and resilience in order to deal with the situation they are facing. 
     The group meets every other Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm at Dansville Foursquare Church (DFC). People from the community are invited to contact Julie Flanagan, BSW at DFC’s LifeCare Office at 585-335-7707 or email jcf4dfc@gmail.com for more details or to arrange an appointment as pre-registration is required. There is no cost.
Please Contact Julie Flanagan: 585-335-7707    jcf4dfc@gmail.com