Small Groups
“I have been going to church a long time, but after doing
the small group I feel so much more connected”
Catherine Bajus



You have the opportunity for

“The Book of Romans” bible study small group that will get increase your understanding!

Pastor Derek will be leading this new small group study. It starts Thursday the 5/13 @12PM and @7PM at DFC.

Contact P-Derek for details



This small group is a great way to learn how to “Discern the Voice of God” effectively. Contact Donna Hough. Runs Sundays @ 8:30am – Theatre Room

Base Camp 
This is the best way for you to get connected. It is a basically a meet and greet with the leadership team at DFC. Enjoy free lunch, get some swag, get the nickel tour,
and get your questions answered. 
Held the 1st Sunday of every month. immediately after the church service (12PM). Daycare is provided.
We would love to see you there.