Ministry Staff Team

Julie Flanagan BSW

Julie Flanagan, BSW

As a social worker, Julie is trained to assist people in making changes in themselves and their situations that can result in better living situations. 

Mike Holbrook

Mike Holbrook BA Theology
G2 discipleship
Mike is a recent B.A. theology graduate from Regent University. He has a passion to teach G2. The great commission and the great commandment provides our mission as christian brothers and sisters.

Sam Cali MsEd

Sam Cali MSed
Offering Christian family counseling. Sam earned his Masters in counseling from Alfred University.  He runs a thriving practice at multiple locations in our area.  Sam holds office hours at Dansville Foursquare Church on Thursdays.  

Jesse Sprinkle

Jesse Sprinkle
Creative arts
Jesse is the Director of  Creative Arts   Along with being the owner of Bluebrick Recordings, He has been an industry professional/ artist for over 25 years.  Jesse also serves as our resident missionary.

Donna Hough

Prayer & Ministry Team 
Donna Hough is our prayer and ministry team leaders. She holds a ministry credential from Elim Bible Institute as well as many years of practical ministry experience.